Jake Gurnsey

Multimedia Designer

Jake Gurnsey is a multimedia designer, with experience working in both a team based environment and freelancing for organizations on his own. His background is in communications with strategic focuses on brand strategy, visual design, and content creation. Jake is fueled by his passion for learning and his ravenous hunger to never settle for less than his best. Eager to build on his academic foundations he remains in tuned the latest digital marketing strategies and trends through continued coursework.

His determination to turn information into action, has contributed to his most recent success with Kids Kicking Cancer, where he brought clients video requests to life from the concept stage through to the final finished product. Meanwhile, he has streamlined the productivity of the Engineering Teaching and Learning Team for Queens University, by implementing an archival storage method for files.

Jake believes that attention to detail in the workplace is the key to success – a tenet he lives out through his other interests of in hiking, photography, videography, weightlifting, and reading. Jake is currently working as a freelance multimedia designer and is always interested in a challenge. Reach out to jakegurnsey@hotmail.com to connect!


Jake is passionate about nature, and the preservation of the Earth. In his free time, he frequents local trails, campsites, and national parks where he is always in pursuit of the local wildlife. Through photography he has built a strong bond with the animals that live on this planet. He hopes one day to develop a project that will ensure their long term preservation for future generations to see!

Throughout Jake’s life he has always been active through various sports such as Karate, Track and Field, and Football. Although he no longer pursues such passions, he remains constantly active through weightlifting, running, yoga, and hiking. Jake firmly believes that a well balanced lifestyle is an essential key to success. Jake remains active daily, and is looking to one day squat 405lb’s!